What is involved dustless and sandless wood floor refinishing?

Dustless and Sandless Wood Floor Refinishing are different methods. Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing involves sanding off layers of your hardwood floors and completely refinishing them. Sandless Hardwood Floor Refinishing involves cleaning your hardwood floors and refinishing them.

Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Dustless Wood Floor Refinishing involves using HEPA filter vacuums, sanding machines, and different sand paper.

  1. HEPA Filter Vacuums- During the wood floor refinishing process the H.E.P.A. filter vacuums will collect the dust. This eliminates all the toxins and dust that circles around with the regular process of refinishing your floors. Vacuums such as the AVAC26 intake all the dust to provide a clean environment during the process.
  2. Sanding Process-The Dustless Wood Floor Refinishing process involves sanding down the wood floors using different grits of sand paper and hardwood floor sanding machines. The Galaxy  is a great drum sander to refinish your hardwood floors. A hardwood floor edger is also used to sand the floors and is important in the outcome of quality.
  3. Different Sand Paper Grits- 36 to 220 grit sand paper is used depending on the current conditions. Use of high quality sand paper is very important. The floors will come out uneven with chatter marks if low quality sand paper is used. Also, the hardwood floor technician needs to have years of experience to sand down your floors smooth and not damage the wood. Overall, the sanding process is the major difference between the "Dustless and Sandless Wood Floor Refinishing Process". The wood floors are actually sanded and not cleaned.
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Sandless Wood Floor Refinishing

Sandless wood floor refinishing is the process of cleaning your hardwood floors. The term is used in various ways throughout the country. The term "Sandless" and "Sand-Less" both describe the same refinishing process. There are two parts to Sandless Wood Floor Refinishing.

  1. Cleaning- The hardwood floors are cleaned using a buffing machine or a floor cleaning machine. Soaps or a stripping agent is applied to the wood floors using one of these machines. The results really depend on how good of a condition your hardwood floors are in and how much expertise the technician has. Deep scratches and stain damage will not come out with this method and a full sanding and refinishing is needed.
  2. Polyurethane Application- The wood floors have polyurethane applied after the cleaning. Some vendors use sealer which is just a thinner and cheaper version of polyurethane. 2 coats are applied using a t-bar or applicator and the floors are ready to be walked on. This process is called Sandless because your are not sanding the floors.
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