How To Maintain Your Hardwood Floors

  • 1 Sweep frequently with a high quality broom so that you rid your floor of any dirt, dust and other particles that can cause damage and dullness over time.
  • 2 Use a slightly damp micro fiber cloth (use minimal water) to mop your floors. Once a month or more in high traffic areas).
  • 3 Use a professional hardwood floor cleaner with a "0" ph level to remove any tough scuffs and heel marks (spray a small amount on a micro fiber cloth and rub the stained area lightly). We recommend never using a polish hardwood floor cleaner, ammonia cleaner, quick shines, oil soaps, or any wax. These products will dull, destroy, and breakdown the finish.
  • 4 Cover furniture and table legs with flannel protectors. Be careful when moving heavy objects across your floor to avoid scuffing.
  • 5 Use window treatments (such as curtains) to shade your hardwood floor from the sun’s harsh rays that will cause damage over time.
  • 6 Be careful of any dress shoes, heels, and pet’s nails. They can create scratches and scuff marks.
  • 7 Place a floor mat at each entryway and encourage family members and guests to wipe their feet. The majority of dirt and grime will remain on the mat. Tiny particles, dirt, and debris, are abrasive and scratch your floors when trailed through your home. Also, place a floor mat or rug in any area where water could be splashed (sinks/washers etc..). This will hinder possible water damage and decay.
  • 8 Always wait 30 days after your refinishing to use any water or safe cleaners on your hardwood floors.

*If you have questions or concerns, we would be more than happy to assist you. Thank you again for choosing Wood Vitalize Wood Floor Refinishing as your hardwood flooring specialist!